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Get to know the culinary team at Shawnee State University. See the vast amount of knowledge and talent we have assembled to bring cutting edge and delicious meals to your table each and every day.

Nancy Goplerud

Food Service Director

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About Nancy

Nancy has over 35 years of food service experience.  She has experience in family style, theme and fine dining as well as catering and higher education experience.  Nancy was born in Goldsboro, NC and while growing up in a military family she lived in several different states and countries.   Nancy attended Warren Wilson College and Sullivan University and majored in hospitality management.  Nancy and her husband, Harl, have a daughter, Alexandra, who is married and lives in Charleston, SC with their two rescue fur babies, Cindy (boxador) and Woody (Plott hound).  When Nancy is not working, she enjoys singing, sailing and DIY projects with her husband.  Fun facts about Nancy: she is a life time Girl Scout, 1st Class Scout and has lived in 29 Houses/apartments in her lifetime!!  Her favorite quote: “Life has no problems, only opportunities.”

Seth Lute

Executive Chef

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About Seth

Seth has over 20 years of experience in the culinary world. He was born in Portsmouth, OH and raised in Friendship, OH.  He is excited to be back in Portsmouth as the Executive Chef at Shawnee State.  Seth attended Pennsylvania Culinary Institute early in his career.  Seth and his wife, Megan, have a daughter who is 3.5 years old, 2 dogs and 2 cats.  When Seth is not working, he enjoys being outdoors hiking, camping and gardening.  Seth spent 3 years of his life hitchhiking across the country and sleeping in a tent!   He made it coast to coast 6 times and has many good stories to tell!

Aida Valle

Catering Manager

Get To Know Them:

About Aida

Aida was born and raised in Freemont, OH and recently relocated to the Portsmouth from Columbus.  Aida has 18 years of experience at esteemed venues all over Ohio and Florida.  She worked for the Tampa Bay Lightning, which was one of her favorite jobs!  Aida fell in love with catering because it gives her a creative outlet and she is excited to be the Catering Director here at Shawnee State.  When Aida is not working she spends time at the Casino, local shops or with her nine grandkids.

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